Conserve Prodotti Alimentari Valerio Ruggiero

The Canned Food Products F.lli Valerio di Barra Rosaria & C. s.a.s. is located in San Ferdinando di Puglia, in the PIP, and is easily accessible since it is located near the SS 16 bis.

It is a company specialized in the food processing sector in the production and marketing of artichokes, olives and other vegetables preserved in oil, vinegar, pickled and natural.

Present in the area since 1970 dealing with the marketing of the products alone, in 1992 also began the business of manufacturing and in a few years thanks to the quality of raw materials, researching the improvement of production processes and marketing strategies it can establish itself in the Italian and foreign markets.

The company is family owned and is the driving force of passion for the job and the experience gained over the years. All this allows you to be present on the market with high quality products capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates.



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